Foundations: Unashamed Witness (a follow up) – Jason Gaboury

When we believe in the power and goodness of the Gospel, miracles happen. We’re celebrating two conversions within New York/New Jersey this week.

The first conversion happened at Buff State last week.  Student leaders on a prayer walk chose to share the gospel with a residence assistant they met as they were walking and praying.  In an uncharacteristically bold move, one of the Buff State students said to the RA, “Do you want to become a follower of Jesus?”

The RA said, “Yes.”

The second conversion happened yesterday at NYU.  A new freshman Ruth introduced her friend Joari to InterVarsity.  As Ruth and Joari spent time with our chapter leaders and staff, Trevor Agatsuma, the InterVarsity staffworker, sensed an opportunity to share the gospel.  He asked her Joari if she wanted to become a follower of Jesus. She said, ‘Yeah, I really want this.’  God met them powerfully as they prayed together.

Joari said, “When Ruth was praying for me I felt like the room became brighter, but not from the window, from behind me.”

Joari and Ruth intend to plant a small group witnessing community among their fellow Counseling Psychology students.

Praise God for these steps of witnessing unashamed!